Skirt Club cocktails our hostesses love to serve

When we welcome you into the loving embrace of Skirt Club, we won’t be serving you gorgeous girls any old drink, oh no! Our cocktails are all part of the sensory experience. Our signature parties follow a theme and we’ll painstakingly curate our menus in the weeks leading up to the party with a tongue-in-cheek nod to the event. Our hostesses are always ready to tickle your fancy with a range of drinks suitable for all curiosities and tastes, whether it’s a cocktail that tastes like a floral summer’s day, a sweet angel’s kiss or a vodka-spiced russian revolution.

It’s with some level of curiosity that we’ve asked our hostesses about their favourite drinks to serve to party guests. It’s not an easy task - with over 350 parties hosted by Skirt Club to date in more than twelve cities, we’ve curated a lot of cocktails! But here are some signature classics our hostesses love to drink and serve to guests. Let us know your delicious flavour combos and any saucy/spicy name suggestions, we’d love to incorporate them at future events.

Cool yourself down with our hostess’ favourite cocktails, for bold and beautiful types...

Genevieve, NY: Without a doubt it has to be the one we call ‘The Story of O’, which I suppose is how Skirt Club evolved in the first place! It’s about changing the story of inferior orgasms and the pleasure gap. We’re all about refreshing the palate and spicing things up, so our Moscow Mule-inspired cocktail comprising of freshly muddled mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar syrup is super sweet and zesty - perfect for spicing things up! It always goes down a treat at Skirt Club parties.

L, London: As a professional mistress, it stands to reason that ‘Mistress of the Ring’ would be my favorite cocktail! It’s powerful and more-ish, a combination of gin, vermouth rosso, campari and a juicy slice of orange on the side. Once I’ve had my fill of these, I enjoy teasing some of the guests with my whip and feather-stick. We launched this drink at our ‘Midnight Circus’ party and we described it then as ‘instantly intoxicating - like experiencing the twists and turns of a love affair,’ which kind of sums up the whole Skirt Club experience!

JK, London: I’d go with one we served at our London Tease event called ‘The Voyeur’. It’s a fruity mocktail with lemonade, cranberry juice, blueberry and blackcurrant cordial. I don’t ‘play’ at the events, but I still get thirsty (if you know what I mean), so it’s good to stay hydrated and make sure I stay on my toes to serve all the luscious ladies their drinks and make sure they have a good time.

JW, London: I’ve been to more Skirt Club London events than I’ve had cooked dinners! My favourite one is always a star of the show at our ‘Gilded Angel’ events in London, it’s called ‘Fallen Angel’ and it has sexy pomegranate and herbs, with a splash of lime, mint and fresh pomegranate. You get the crushed ice, the kick of the mint and then get to pop pomegranate seeds in your mouth, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving on a sticky London evening!

G, Vienna: One thing we all have in common is we love the sense of risk and experimentation. I loved the ‘Chocolate Noir’ evening Skirt Club hosted and the ‘Fatal Attraction’ cocktail was not for the faint hearted, comprising of Havan club, lime juice, chocolate sauce and a dash of chili. We swerved it in a glass coated with Oreo crumbs and chili it left a tingle on the lips that lasted all night. Unpredictable - but full of sweet surprises!

J, London/Sydney: It feels decidedly British to have an afternoon-tea inspired Queen of Hearts event with a hint of Alice in Wonderland thrown in for good measure. ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ is one for curious girls and bad bunnies alike, perfect for girls on an adventure! It’s a blend of citrus vodka, elderflower, fresh lemon and Oolong Tea, served super chilled with dry ice. A real spectacle!

S, New York: We love this one in NY, it reminds us of fall and Thanksgiving desserts. Perfect for a wet and windy winter evening, this debuted at our ‘Gilded Angels’ party. ‘Beneath her Wings’ has an awesome mixture of vodka and rum, layers of pumpkin cream, a subtle hint of maple syrup and even a dusting of spice. You’ll never want another pumpkin spice latte once you taste one of these!

A, Los Angeles: Hands down the best one is ‘Lollipop Love’, I mean who wouldn’t order this drink!? It’s a gin-based martini which has a bunch of sweet flavours, so definitely one for those with a penchant for fruit and candy. The cocktail itself is perfumed so beautifully, you’ll want to coat yourself in it. It has lychee sake, rose petal syrup and lemon juice and I defy anyone not to love this drink!

S, London: I’ve run bars all across London and this one is my specialty. If you love rich and sultry drinks, the ‘Delta of Venus’ is one of our all-time classics. You need a really strong, luxurious coffee which has fully cooled, a generous splash of Vodka and Kahlua. We also served this at our ‘Studio 54’ party, but under the title ‘Disco Martini’, which had a bit of a glittery twist. It’s really smooth and sensual, but the caffeine may well give you that extra energy boost you need to stay up aaaaall night!

Genevieve’s Signature Skirt Club Cocktail

  • Elderflower Liqueur
  • Squeeze of lemon juice
  • Ripened blackberries
  • (Optional drop of Lillet Blanc or Cocchi Americano) 
  • Champagne bubbles

Muddle and tease your ripe blackberries, making a simple base syrup for the cocktail. Add first four ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Jiggle and shake. Pour a little into a champagne glass and top with champers, garnish with a big blackberry and/or a little slice of lemon.

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