By Rebecca Gordon 

Venus is the planet of love and love is in the air this Galentine’s Day, February 13th. How better to express your love for the ladies than with lingerie? Did you know that each of our signs has a signature expression in the lingerie department, find out yours below.

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Venus in Aries – You are a fire sign so the heat is on when you enter the room, needless to say, Boss. Passionate and athletic, but most of all, you have a sense of command so play that up in the boudoir. Your Venus style is bold, and usually you will lean to black or red. Go straight for sharp clean lines avoiding all frills and ruffles. Venus in Aries Lingerie is daring and provocative much like the fierce risk taker you are. Own this, queen.

Tomoe Adjustable Bra and Waspie by BordelleRose Crotchless Bodysuit by MarieMur

Venus in Taurus  – Your Venus is right at home in Taurus as you are the natural born connoisseur of the sensual world, from fine wines to luscious fragrances and couture. The feeling of the fabric and skin is everything. Your Venus style is sensual, feminine, and dripping with decadence. You are an earth sign, so bringing out your glowing skin tone is key. Silky lingerie and lush draping will expose your inner goddess. Neck and shoulders are your star features so let them glow under the silk robe that slides off your sexy shoulders.

Velvet & Lace Bodysuit Ava by IntensifyMe Ayako Sheer Kimono by Tatu Couture

Venus in Gemini – Cheeky, flirty, and smart are the Venus and Gemini vibes. Your boudoir styles are easy to play in, like a pair of reading glasses and suite jacket with a bright pop of colour barely covering you beneath. You seduce with words, charm, and sense of play in the bedroom. So your lingerie must bring out your many sweet characters. Pop colours, fun, mod, school girl, boy shorts, gender-bending, whispers, and love letters everywhere.

Odette Peep Bra, Thong & Suspender by Tatu Couture
Xena Ivory Bra, Thong & Suspender by Tatu Couture

Venus in Cancer - Your Venus style is soft, cool, and relaxed. Loose fabrics, soft to the touch, and an empire waist is divine for the Cancerian babe. Your love language is lunar (ruled by the Moon) so you possess a mysterious lure, strong intuition, and knock-out feminine curves. Own them and love them. Your colours are creams, whites, and hints of silver. Flowing, sheer lingerie that features your décolleté will help you to embody the moon goddess you are. You carry an effortless look of feminine ease that is so alluring.

Gabriella Bodysuit & Sheer Skirt by Tatu Couture Melania Pussy Bow Lace Bodysuit Blouse by Tatu Couture

Venus in Leo – Brimming with glamour and a flair for the voyeurs, you mean show business. Leo is ruled by the Sun which is in the centre of our solar system, so naturally you are quite comfortable being the centre of attention. Have no qualms. Adorn yourself with jewelled fabrics, dripping chains, make a killer playlist, and you will own the show. Leo’s lingerie is theatrical - have fun with black and gold, red lip, high drama, and role play. Glitz and the stage are your domain.

Dark Angel by Baed Stories Jade Bra, Thong & Suspender by Soft Paris

Venus in Virgo – Virgo is the sign of the archetypal feminine whose lure is innocent and seemingly modest and untouched. There is a unique sense of ‘pure as the driven snow’, subtlety, old world details, and Victorian secrets here. In the boudoir, play up your innocence with creams, peach, or white lace and a detailed waspie. Then it’s all about mixing your sweetness with seduction - the naughty / nice, goody-two-shoes / scandalous siren in an elegant sort of way.

Nadya Collar & Thong Body Harness by Tatu Couture Lulu Bra, Suspender & Thong by Soft Paris

Venus in Libra – Libra Venus: you are queen of the grace and beauty. You live for love and magnificent art, so beauty rituals, dressing, and undressing in style, colour, and the perfect light are a high priority. Libra’s lingerie look would be harking back to a glamour of the 40’s, shapely, satin, lace, brocade, pale pinks, dripping in jewels as you channel Venus herself. Your love language is the most romantic of all so play that up every day wear with the decadent lingerie, stockings and garters beneath all your threads.

Krystal Peep Bra, Suspender & Thong by Tatu Couture
Xena Black Bra, Thong & Suspender by Tatu Couture

Venus in Scorpio – Your inner seductress is fearless, intense and not afraid of the dark. You have a natural look of power and a magnetic quality that is hard to resist. In the boudoir, go vamp, s&m, and always push yourself to that edge of comfort. You can wear black fishnet, straps, leather and own it like no other. As your Venus is in the sign of death and rebirth, love is an act of transformation so venture into the unknown and explore the darkness and depth.

Jade Soft Cup Set by Something Wicked
Babooshka Bra, Thong & Suspender by Tatu Couture

Venus in Sagittarius –Your fiery Venus sign looks fab in the brights like pinks, purples, and blues. Let your wild-child, bohemian side shine through in the bedroom as you are the most adventurous Venus of the zodiac. Love and sex in nature may excite you more than the old candles and traditional romance. Your love language is adventure and travel is almost always involved.

Laetitia Bra, Brief & Suspender by Tatu Couture Snow White Set by Odette Ancel

Venus in Capricorn – Venus in Capricorn is the ultimate classic and timeless. Sleek, chic, and highly stylised, your seduction style is a slow burn process, masterful and makin’em wait, or we can say the fine art of timing. Think back-seamed thigh-highs, garter straps, body suits, mini-skirts, or a tailored suit jacket with almost nothing underneath, 80’s office sex. For the more edgy Capricorn, try architectural undergarments, more hardware, and hats. Investment is the key word for you and you will bet everything with the right fit.

Billi Jacket by Agent ProvocateurMontana Leather Dress by Something Wicked

Venus in Aquarius – Your Venus style is eccentric and graphic and your Venus colours are metallic and sheers. You get the vibe - futuristic rebel Venus babe. Love follows suit as you are not one to follow the rules when it comes to traditional romance. Instead, you go your own way as your ideal lover is also one who loves a legit rebel girl. You may even like to explore the newest toys and gadgets in the bedroom, and sexting the days away at work. Asymmetry and more strappy looks will suite you, though you will always add your unique touch. Trust your eclectic taste and always be unapologetically you.

Ayako Embroidered Bodysuit by Tatu Couture Lily Body & Gloves by Soft Paris

Venus in Pisces - There is an ethereal other-worldly beauty about Venus in Pisces as you are able to transcend this material world through love. Seriously though. Being the queen of fantasy and dream, you really transport yourself and your lover to another time and space altogether. That said, here on earth in the garden of delight, explore luscious draping and over-the-top romantic styles because you can pull it all off. For you, love is the centrepiece of life, so create the space for daily play before and after work and anytime. Lace and mesh, pale pink, sea green, and sea blue make up the core Piscean palette. Though your greatest gift as a lover, is truly your ability to take them to a new dimension.

Alicia Bra & Thong Set by Soft Paris Rosalie Babydoll by Soft Paris 

Download your free copy of Venus In Light and Shadow here.

Rebecca will join Genevieve on IG Live Feb 10th at 10pm GMT / 5pm EST to discus in detail your lingerie look and love style.


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