It’s a constant source of conversation for Skirt Club newbies and even for our more seasoned attendees. What to wear? How strict is the dress code, how revealing should you be in your choice of attire, and how strictly should you stick to the event’s theme dress code?

Log on to your home feed of the Skirt Club site and you’ll see that if it's one thing that gets our members’ knickers in a collective twist, it’s what they should wear to the next event.

Whether the theme is Gilded Angels or Garden Goddess, what’s the general approach for dressing for Skirt Club - and is there anything you should avoid?

Join us for the inside slip…quite literally.

Effortlessly chic

Take it from us, there’s dressed up and then there’s overdressed. While we’re not advocating turning up in your dungarees and pumps, sometimes less really is you’ll see in the latter half of the event.

Pare back on the layers, fads and fussy accessories; we want to see your beautiful face, to see who we’re talking to — and it’ll be just as much about what you’re saying as what you’re wearing.

There is nothing more empowering than dressing for another woman

Think about the sexy effortlessness of Parisians, women who know who they are and what they want - this can’t always be conveyed with a particular fashion accessory, label or style.

After all, the sexiest thing you can wear is your confidence...and even if you are a shy girl at heart, there’ll be temptresses and seductresses to bring you out of your shell and hold your hand as you settle in.

What’s the difference between Mini Skirt and Signature event dress codes?

Our Mini Skirt events, especially, tend to be after work events veering more on the smart side. You can expect to see some work attire (pencil skirts, blouses, trousers, suits, and dresses) alongside party dresses and cocktail outfits.

Our Signature events are where we like to theme things up a bit, to get a little more playful and imaginary in our styling and approach. This is where our hostesses and our members get a little creative. It’s a sensual experience and you’ll quickly understand what we mean when you arrive at the secret destination.

You’ll notice we focus on sensations and textures at our events in our styling and agenda: think luxurious velvet, tulle, silk and satin, classic monochrome, or all-black attire for our hostesses.

Think about what makes YOU feel sexy and sensual, what makes YOU feel gorgeous inside and out, and your efforts won’t go unnoticed in a room full of highly charged, sensual women.

Every painted lip, stockinged leg, and hot tonged curl is a feast for the senses. It’s an erotic experience that will be savoured long after the taxi ride home.

Think ahead

Be smart about your outfit choices. Remember the bit above about highly charged, sensual women? Well...obviously there could be nudity. There could be shedding of layers. You could be at the very epicentre of this, you never know.

Baden Powell might have been talking about (boy) scouting when he uttered the famous ‘Always be prepared’ motto, but the same logic applies here. He’d actually said that being prepared meant you were always in a state of readiness in mind and body...and we think the same is true for Skirt Club.

Being in a state of readiness and anticipation is good for you. Feeling at your very sexiest, your most confident, ready to entice and explore, to reveal and open yourself to others is a sign of true courage and strength.

Skirt Club is a safe, supportive space to explore your sexuality some of our guests decide they really would feel more empowered and relaxed if they peel off their outfit completely.

You’ll suddenly start noticing more and more ladies coming to get their cocktail in their smalls. This is completely normal. So think about wearing something that you won’t struggle to get off in a hurry……if the mood takes you.

You might not feel sexy anymore if you have to be prised out of a leather catsuit with talcum powder and a crowbar. Unless that’s your thing, and others agree to assist you, of course.

Corsets look amazing, but have you ever tried lounging/bending over in one? There may be lounging...or lying down. We want you to be able to breathe!

Also, our ladies LOVE showing off their gorgeous underwear. Suspenders and stockings are a thing of beauty, but think about the mechanics of underwear and stocking removal in a dimmed room once you’ve had a few cocktails.

Black underwear is a classic look. Lacy black underwear, silk black underwear, latex black underwear — it’s all delicious.

Retrieving YOUR black underwear from the floor of a dimmed room already strewn with other black underwear, though? Well it can be a needle in the haystack moment.

But you’ll be buzzing from excitement so maybe you won’t care — besides, we always follow up after our parties with ‘lost property’ alerts. On our Instagram account.

An occasional Cinderella goes home with one shoe because she is so titillated and all 'joyed out' from our events that she can’t find/doesn’t care about their items at the end of the night.

This is what Skirt Club does to you, ladies!

Styles we love

Check out our Pinterest boards for style inspiration and ideas, especially the party snippets, night temptress, house of tease, apres work chic, and deliciously chic boards. These should get the creative juices flowing!

Classic glam and chic are always a go-to. Think: little black dresses, heels, and your sexiest underwear. Because even if you don’t end up playing, you’ll feel like a goddess or a rebel just being there and this confidence will spill over into other aspects of your life too.

After your first Skirt Club experience you might blush or chuckle at work the next day thinking about the sights you’ve seen, it’s the stuff of so many people’s fantasies…only you were brave enough to go and actually seek and experience it.

“My first Skirt Club experience? I wore a LBD. It was a little glittery. It wasn't on for too long. I didn't feel brave enough to wear a bra and knickers so I wore a lace all in one….” (Eva)

The strangest things left behind at a party?

Our hostesses have honestly seen and experienced everything you could possibly imagine. They’re a hard bunch to shock; ask them, they’ll be happy to share their own experiences both inside and outside of Skirt Club.

Jo (former Skirt Club Berlin hostess) once left a chicken fillet behind at one event and sometimes rebels against Skirt Club themes to wear her sexiest rubber. She too advocates bringing your own style and flair to the event, if it’s what makes you feel sexy and confident.

Skirt Club founder Genevieve has a number of spicy stories of the lost property box — and some surprising additions too: single stilettos (never a pair), a very expensive pair of knee high boots, a half jar of homemade lube (which was claimed afterwards), a womaniser sex toy, and more iPhones and thongs than you could shake a stick at.

For most first-time ladies, though what will remain in their memories is the way Skirt Club made them feel afterwards…

“I was nervous as hell but once inside the secret door I felt the anxiousness melt away. I met amazing women and what shocked me the most was not the sex but that we never actually see real women's bodies. It felt GREAT to feel good in my skin and to genuinely appreciate other women in the same way. It was eye opening and probably the most 'empowering' evening of my life. I felt differently from then on out - for the better….” (Eva)

Ready to dive into your first Skirt Club experience?

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