Women of the year 2019 - Girl Gone International Magazine

We are delighted to announce that our Founder Genevieve was nomimted along as one of 23 women who represent community in 2019. 

A note from GGI Founder Anne Scott: 

It is a huge joy to bring you this special edition of our GIRLGI magazine to celebrate International Women’s Day.

It also marks our magazine’s 6th birthday, our community’s 9th year, our 250,000th member, our 15000th event, our 260 community managers, our 400 volunteers, our 150 local communities in 37 countries, our 8 million monthly reach. 

It announces our place in Facebook’s Community Leadership Fellowship Program which supports 100 of the world’s most meaningful communities as part of Facebook’s renewed mission to bring the world closer together. It reinforces our mission to empower women to go, live and belong anywhere.

How do we do that? By creating safe spaces and places for women living or travelling overseas to connect online and in real life so we feel we belong in the world wherever we go. 

Empowered women, empower women.

It is an absolute privilege to bring you the stories of 23 geographically mobile women who are making a huge positive impact on the lives of millions of women. They are our Girl Gone International Women of the Year chosen by you.

They are women who have turned their experience moving through the world into a life mission to help others.

Their personal physical, geographical and emotional journeys have created new cultures to participate in, communities to belong to, movements to take part in and roadmaps to follow.

None of us are equal, until we are all equal.

Read the full edition of GGI here. 



Founder of Skirt club

Lives In:  New York

Reading : Untrue by Wednesday Martin

I am a GGI because...I am a child of the world.

Geneviève LeJeune moved from the UK to Hong Kong when she was just 2 years old.  Since then, she has lived in London, Dubai, San Francisco, Barcelona and Miami. Currently residing in NYC, Genevieve can now live wherever she has wifi, although she finds that her international upbringing makes life most pleasant in big cities.

"My mission is to build an exclusive all-female community to empower and allow sexual discovery."

Geneviève is driven to bring women the same opportunities men have had for centuries. Equality for women must be claimed, and the community created by  Geneviève is instilling confidence in women to stand up and ask for what they want. 

"Skirt Club is about building confidence from the bedroom all the way to the boardroom, and saying to the world ‘no longer will we just lie there and take it."

INSPIRATION "We all have a duty to speak up. As young girls we were taught by our elders to only speak when spoken to. That thinking is archaic. Your thoughts, feelings and ideas hold equal weight and have equal worth to mens, speak up."

#BALANCEFORBETTER Our planet needs a voice, we must speak on behalf of mother nature and stop its deterioration. Women are the remedy to restore balance. 

#BALANCEFORBETTER What is the one thing that scares you so much you have avoided doing it all of your life? Write it down. Now go and do it. 

ADVICE Just be yourself. Life is too short pretending otherwise.

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