This month, we will meet to engage, discuss and explore Best Women's Erotica of the Year Volume 6 with each other, all uncovering the hidden depths of the written word as a group.

These 20 adventure-themed stories will take you around the globe as you meet characters eager to indulge their sensual sides.

From competing on a reality show and getting "Inked on My Skin" by an extremely sexy tattoo artist to exploring a "Cabinet of Curiosities," these characters say yes to their most daring desires. Whether a single mother having a hot vacation fling, a vegetarian lusting after a hunky butcher, a couple visiting a kinky escape room, or a divorcee hitting up a motorcycle club and going on an "Easy Ride," these erotic tales bare all.

Enjoy women's sexual fantasies come to life, from fetishes to kinks to a very arousing way to use an instruction manual!

Grab your copy hereand join us Sunday Feb 21st, tickets here.

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