Wallflowers and wildcats...you’re all welcome here. About to slip into your first Skirt Club event? Don’t panic, we’ve got your covered. We’ve curated some insider tips for you if you’re a Skirt Club newbie and about to embark on a your first experience with us. Here’s how to prepare for a very memorable night which will linger in your daydreams for years to come. You’re welcome!

Do your homework

The Inside Slip has some interesting and helpful articles especially The Skirt Club Diaries which are personal accounts of fabulous members who have attended our events. It gives a great overview of the experience as well as a number of issues members are keen to explore as part of their Skirt Club journey. One thing our members report is how happy they are that they can have broad conversations with others in the community, who appreciate where they are in their careers and romantic relationships. It’s a judgement free, no expectation zone, but one where you share more than you ever thought you would with a stranger. Share your story and your insights with us via the city forum or send us your write up following the event itself. You’ll be bubbling for days afterwards and we love the enthusiastic emails/DMs we get. All part of the service, ladies!

Choose your outfit...wisely

Wondering what to wear? We know you’ve probably thought more about this than anything else. Check out the Pinterest board suggested for every event. This acts as a guide, please do dress elegantly but most importantly what you feel comfortable in. Check out our post on the Inside Slip which talks specifically about preparing your outfit for Skirt Club. Again, keep an eye out on your local city forum, where you’ll no doubt see outfit related chatter in the run up to the event. Finally, check out our blog post 'What to wear to Skirt Club', which will give you some inspiration!

Logistics, people - logistics!

We make every effort to ensure that our venues are in safe and accessible areas and we appreciate that the ‘secret venue’ aspect in the lead up to the event may make it tricky at times to pre-book your accommodation. But make sure you plan your route to and from the venue. We’ll typically mention closest underground stations in our pre-event communications with our guests but having apps on your phone to book Ubers and Taxis after the event is essential.

Pre-drinks & small / group meetups

Don’t worry about arriving alone. Many people arrive at Skirt Club by themselves and will be in the same boat as you. If you are unbearably nervous about arriving alone, post in the city forum to see if any ladies want to meet up for drinks or dinner, so you can arrive together as a small group. If you’re attending one of our main signature events, keep an eye out on the city forums for invitations from Skirt Club hostesses to meet at a venue nearby for drinks. The hostesses will help calm any nerves you may have and walk you over to the venue as a group. How will you know which members posting in the city feeds are hostesses, though? As part of our new website updates, our hostesses’ avatars have a rose gold rim around their profile pictures, so you’ll get a good feel for the team who’ll be looking after you both before and during the event.

Line your stomach

There is no substantial food provided so we suggest that you eat something beforehand especially if you plan to partake in the free-flowing cocktails at the signature events. We will provide light nibbles/morsels but this won’t make up for any cocktails and liquor you may consume. We want you to remember every delicious detail of your experience with us and our members, so even if you like the sauce - take it easy, tiger!

Don’t be late for this very important date

We’re quite partial to rabbits, obviously - but make sure you arrive on time so you can make the most of the amazing entertainment, you really don’t want to miss anything. Also it is easier to fall into conversation when guests who has just arrived rather than when they settle into conversation. At our signature parties, you’ll find you’ll find party guests tend to move upstairs after the initial tease/warm up act. We don’t want you to miss out on the incredible butterflies you’ll feel when taking ‘the party’ to another room. Oh, the sweet, sweet anticipation!

Don’t be THAT person

We’re all there to have a good time and well...it's easy to imagine why things might get a little wild. But if you’ve been smashing the cocktails a little too hard, you might find that you’re actually not the best company. Don’t be THAT girl. Listen to the cues of others. Please do remember that just because a guest is present at our event does not mean they have given their consent to have sex with you. Always ask; be polite and be graceful. Have a good look at our website where you’ll find FAQ’s and Etiquette to give you some great tips on boundaries and safety. Have a think about your own boundaries as an individual or as part of an existing romantic relationship, too. Talk about it in great detail and at length with your beau or partner. There is no un-doing broken trust...and consent is not a dirty word in our book. Ask for permission, communicate clearly and the world is your oyster.

Spicy is good, but safe is better

Safe sex is an important part of your Skirt Club experience. Watch this How to use a Dental Dam tutorial ahead of the event. We’ll also outline ways to stay safe at the start of every event. You’ll also be introduced to our hostesses and designated ‘safety angels’ who are there to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely. You can report any concerns to them, they are there to look after you.

Let your hair down

Most of all, don’t have too many expectations. Just come along for an amazing time. Don’t push yourself to tick off a bucket list item but rather enjoy the experience and if that inspires confidence to try something new then go with it. The Skirt Club environment is gentle, supportive, nurturing and feminine. Allow yourself to go with the flow, attending a party is a courageous step. As our founder Genevieve always tells our attendees “Nothing can beat the amount of courage it’s taken for you to get here...so when you’re in a meeting on Monday morning, you won’t give a £%*$!”. We think confidence in the bedroom leads to confidence in the boardroom too.

Check our the lost property posts after the event

You may misplace some belongings in the heat of the moment. Try to remember where you left your clothing, as most guests are wearing black lingerie and a black dress which can sometimes lead to confusion. Colour pops and patterns can be your friends, sometimes! Look out for posts from event directors and the main Skirt Club feed. If you’ve lost an item, email us and we can help you locate it.

Share your wicked whispers with us

We love it when our members share their stories with us and these stories, essays and articles all help inspire and enthuse our members who are at many different stages of their sexual and romantic journeys both inside and outside of the Skirt Club environment. Our blogs cover all aspects of the female experience, whether that’s sex, romance, friendships, careers, identities, media and empowerment in general. We’d LOVE to hear from you! Contact jem@skirtclub.co.uk to share yours. You don’t have to use your real name (we love the mystery, darlings!).

Most of all......Have a Ball! This is YOUR moment to enjoy. Savour it all.


The Skirt Club Ladies.

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