Lady Liquid Love is a sensual women’s only event growing in popularity for its healing, sensual properties. Ahead of our exclusive collaboration event on March 29th, Jessica Parker, the ‘high-priestess of Liquid Lady Love’ and Sexological Bodyworker talks to Skirt Club about all things pleasure and sensuality….and the bits they didn’t teach you in school.  

Joy explosion: how ‘Lady Liquid  Love’ was born

This concept isn't new - people have been playing with oil for since forever! I'm a Sexological Bodyworker and work with people on an individual basis and in workshops supporting them through various issues such as consent, how to navigate their sexual and sensual relationship with themselves and others - basically its a form of practical sex ed that most of us weren't taught in schools. I also teach and give sensual erotic massage to individuals and partners and groups along with my partner who is originally from East Africa and he was taught many different ancient sexual practices passed on from his ancestors when he was growing up - in particual the art of aKachabali and supporting women to ejaculate, a practice very natural and normal in particular tribes in contrast to being taboo or thought of as a 'myth' in some western societies.

We met and combined our backgrounds to create Ebony & Ivory sensual massage and give clients sessions and teach in small and large groups. The clients we were teaching wanted to share sensual touch with other likeminded people - at the time we didn't have anywhere to recommend and after some of our own 'research' which involved trying out as many erotic gatherings and sex parties all over europe we decided to create our own play space - guided, intimate pleasure parties for adults seeking to explore their sensuality in safe beautiful five star environments.

"I came across an event called Liquid Love and decided to try it out. The experience left me so inspired and excited about exploring my own body and touch and sensuality in a new and incredibly unique way."

Healing hands in an all-female environment

I started attending the Liquid Love sessions regularly. The organiser got to know about the pelvic floor scar tissue work I was doing with women in my sessions and mentioned it to some female attendees of Liquid Love. A few of these women reached out and became clients that I could supported with various issues around touch, touching themselves, touching their partners, pain during sex, post labour recovery massage etc. They then recommended Liquid Love to fellow female friends but noticed there was a resistance with many to try it out initially in a mixed gender environment for a range of reasons (abuse, trauma, body image, self esteem) or they were just more comfortable in a female environment.

It became clear that there was a need for a more female only Liquid Love space and having experienced it and given my background in education and holding sensual events I got in touch with the original creators. Lady Liquid Lovethen became a reality and have kept pretty much the same concept that I originally experienced - we've held private sessions where groups of people gather their friends and smaller more intimate sessions of about 15 up to our largest one yet - with 50 attendees!

What happens at Lady Liquid Love?

At Lady Liquid Love you arrive in a lovely warm beautifully lit room and welcomed by the friendly team, I then get everyone to sit down and do a gentle guided breathing exercise to settle everyone down and help ease any nerves and head chatter. I then talk through all the guidelines and rules and recommendations for the session - how to touch in the oil, what happens if you need to go to the bathroom, if you get oil in your eyes, if you need a break, how a blindfold can help the experience, to let go of expectations of and existing thoughts of your own body and allow yourself to feel your own body in a new way etc.

We have an opportunity to share with the group our intentions and then prepare to get into the oil. For some its the first time they've been in such an openly welcome nude space, for others its completely normal and natural - once people are ready we do a guided circle of welcoming your body into the space which helps create a lovely sense of acceptance and normality and awe at that amazing variations of the human body. This part is particularly powerful especially for people who have struggled with accepting their bodies as they are.

Everyone is then invited to lie down on the special surface and given an (optional) blindfold. Then the oil magic begins! Beautifully warm oil is poured over everyone gradually along with gentle guidance and suggestions of how to touch and interact with the oil. There’s an amazing soundtrack to help create different rhythms and space for play, stillness, sensuality, silliness, calmness and just an amazing freedom to explore yourself and those around you.

“You'll be well moisturised to say the least! It's the best self care full body beauty regime - your skin and hair are glowing and soft for days!”

Lady Liquid Love & Skirt Club

I attended Skirt Club’s recent ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ event in London and I had a fabulous time, I've done various talks at Skirt Club in the past - a live demo 'The art of pussy massage' was a favourite and was still remembered by some of Skirt Club’s lovely members! A large portion of my work is focussed on supporting women to navigate and explore their true pleasure and bodies through sensual touch, communicating their needs and experiencing safe erotic events - so theres a definite synergy!

"Skirt Club is always such a delight with a range of newbies and more experienced women - you can taste the anticipation in the air, the ladies are always so friendly and welcoming and all the hostesses are always fabulously flitting about making sure everyone is comfortable and has been introduced to each other." 

It was great to be welcomed again by Skirt Club and give a talk about Lady Liquid Love and Skirt Club’s upcoming collaboration on the 29th March- and to give the attendees a little taster of how things are done. There seemed to be a lot of curiosity about this unique event ranging from surprise that this was a 'thing' to definite enthusiastic ‘hell yes I'll be there’!

Your journey to sexual wellness: creating a Liquid Love experience at home...

Just have fun! Use whatever type of oil you like - organic coconut oil is lovely but the smell can be off-putting for some people - we found light olive oil to be the best in terms of slippery-ness and smell, but we've done sessions with almond oil and other organic types - best to play around and see what suits your skin and budget!

The most important step in starting or deepening a journey is the actual somatic/body experience of touch/self love itself. So this may look like self massage, being massaged by someone else, dancing, stretching, breathing, singing - any body based experience that you can just 'be' and notice sensations can help develop this tangible reference point in which you actually 'feel' and sense your own body from a deeper space than your head or someone else telling you what to feel. This may sound vague but it can be a simple practice of just noticing sensations at any given time and focusing on the senses (what you're seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, hearing etc).

“Too often we can overcomplicate and overthink whereas we have all the tools within us at any given time, they don't need unlocking or uncovering, they usually just need space and us to set aside the time to actually notice…”

Advice for Lady Liquid Love Newbies 

The events are held in a completely relaxed way that doesn't put pressure on you to do anything you don't want. Everything is optional - you can keep as many clothes on as you'd like (e.g. you can wear underwear - anything left on will get completely covered in oil, though. You don't need to be touched or touch anyone if you don't want to - you can have a solo experience if you wish.

Our sessions are clothing optional, but there will be nudity in the room and it's important that you feel at ease with it. You are not expected to touch anyone, and you do not have to be touched by anyone. Within the space you are able to experience Lady Liquid Love on your own, or interact with those comfortable with touching and/or being touched. We invite you to explore both dynamics during your session. We use olive oil, which we have found works best. It feels lovely on the skin, and we add a few drops of essential oil to give it a fresh aroma. We view Lady Liquid Love as a unique skin-contact experience and we invite you to be open to both touching as well as being touched.

Here's what some previous Lady Liquid Lovers say:

"I am still high on the wonderful LLL experience, It was wonderful. Such a lovely group of humans. The music was spot on. It helped to encourage a wonderful, tender, sensual dance of bodies. And accepting, kind and gentle atmosphere. Really beautiful. Thank you for holding such nurturing and healing space for us. It is through spaces like this that the world has a chance of being healthier, kinder, better."

"I’m still floating around feeling absolutely amazing after LLL."

"I think this experience is going to have a profound and long-lasting impact on me. Something has shifted in me, I have a renewed confidence. I always admire women like yourself who exude a goddess-ness, and I feel like I’m carrying a little bit of goddess in me now too."

"Thank you for the juicy event!! How phenomenal that it grows and nourishes women in such beautiful flow!!!"

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